Is Mojácar Expensive? A 2023 Guide To Costs & Prices

Mojácar, nestled along the picturesque coastline of Spain, has long captivated the hearts of travellers with its stunning beaches, historic charm, and vibrant culture.

As you consider making this sun-soaked paradise your home or holiday destination, the question that lingers for many is whether Mojácar is an affordable place to visit, or even live.

Having lived in the area myself for over 20 years, I want to delve into the cost of living in Mojácar and give you some insight into the average prices of food, drink, paella and the famed “menu del dia,” a culinary delight cherished by locals and visitors alike.

Is Mojácar Expensive?

Depending on where you come from, Mojácar is generally considered reasonably priced in terms of accommodation, house prices, food and drink. With that said, it is one of the most expensive areas in Almería due to it being one of the most popular tourist hot spots in the region.

As of 2023, apartments can range from €120,000 euros all the way up to €600,000+ villas and an average main meal at a beach front restaurant will set you back approx €13-€20, soft drinks are around €2.50 and a pint of beer is typically around €3.50-€4 at the moment (prices have been shooting up since the Covid days mind).

Average Food & Drink Prices

Food & Drink Prices In Mojacar

When it comes to food and drink, prices can vary significantly depending on where you dine, but with such a wide range of bars and restaurants in Mojácar to choose from, there’s something for everyones budget.

If you eat in the lesser tourist-y bars slightly back from the sea front, you can expect to save 20% on your overall bill. If you’d like an upmarket beach front experience at somewhere like Maui Beach Club or Vista Del Mar, you can expect to be hitting the upper limits of these averages.

Here’s some prices you can expect to pay (per person) along most of Mojácar Playa:

  • Average main meal: €13-€20
  • Average ‘Menu del Dia’ set 3 course meal: €15-€22
  • Average 3 course meal (ordered separately): €25-€30
  • Average steak meal: €22-€25
  • Average paella (per person & pre-ordered): €14
  • Average tapas: €0.50-€1.50 (sometimes free if you choose your venue wisely)
  • Average soft drink: €2.50-€3.50
  • Average bottle of local beer (such as San Miguel): €2.50-€3
  • Average pint of draught beer: €3.50-€4
  • Average spirit & mixer: €7-€8
  • Average cocktail: €10

Average House Prices & Rent

House Prices in Mojacar

These are just a ball park guide, your best of checking with local estate agents or online with somewhere like RightMove.

Buying A Villa House or Apartment:

  • Small 2 bedroom apartment: €120,000
  • 2-3 bedroom apartment with shared pool: €200,000
  • 3-4 Bedroom Villa with private pool: €500,000

Long Term Renting A Villa, House or Apartment:

  • Small 2 bedroom apartment: €600 a month
  • 2-3 bedroom villa with pool: €900-€1100 a month

Hotel Prices in Mojácar

A picture of a large hotel on Mojacar Beach front

This is where it gets extremely difficult as hotel prices dramatically fluctuate with the busy tourist season and most hotels close during the winter. I’ll split this into 3 sections, pre-summer, peak-summer (British school holidays), and post-summer.

These prices are based on and are only a guide, please check somewhere like for your dates and requirements for an accurate quote.

Pre-Summer (May – June)

Hotel prices during this period can be reasonable, you can expect to pay €800-€1000 for a 2-adult 7 night stay in a mid-range hotel with breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Peak-Summer (July-Aug)

You can expect to pay around €1500 for a 7 day self-catering holiday for 2 adults in the peak of summer, and between €2000-€2500 if you’d like a nicer room and be all-inclusive.

Post Summer (Sep-Oct)

There are good deals to be had once the British summer holidays end, between September and October (where it’s still very warm), you’ll probably be looking at between €500-€700 for a 7 night stay for 2 adults with breakfast included.

Other Average Costs:

Supermarket Costs in Mojacar

Accommodation: The cost of accommodation in Mojácar varies depending on factors such as location, property type, and amenities. Coastal properties and apartments with breathtaking sea views might come at a premium, while homes further inland tend to be more budget-friendly. Overall, the rental and real estate prices in Mojácar are relatively affordable compared to major cities in Spain.

Utilities: Electricity, water, and internet services are reasonably priced in Mojácar, contributing to a comfortable standard of living. Expats and locals often find utility bills to be manageable and in line with other regions of Spain. You can expect around €30 a month for water and €150 a month in electricity (depending on how much you use your aircon.

Transportation: Public transportation in Mojácar is efficient and economical, offering buses and taxis to travel around the town and nearby areas. If you prefer exploring on your own, renting or purchasing a bicycle can be a cost-effective and eco-friendly option. A bus ticket is around €1.50-€3, and you can expect a 15 minute metered taxi journey to cost you approx €13-€15.

Shopping: Food shopping in Mojácar can be economical, especially if you opt for local produce and seasonal items. Supermarkets and markets offer a wide range of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products at competitive prices. An average weekly shop for a family of 2 you can expect to cost €120, but if you start buying British import products from shops like Iceland you can expect to almost double it.

Activities & Things To Do: With so many things to. do in Mojácar and the surrounding areas, especially if you have a family with you (p.s – here’s a great guide on things to do for kids and families), it’s difficult to put an average price on it. Here are some local activities and roughly what to expect:

  • Go Karting (more info): €20 for an adult, €15 for a child
  • Tenpin Bowling (more info): €6 per person
  • Scuba Diving (more info): €50-€60 per person
  • Jet Ski Rental (more info): €90 per person
  • Boat hire / Fishing (more info): €85 per person for 4 hours

Embrace the Mojácar Lifestyle:

In conclusion, while Mojácar offers a touch of paradise, it remains a place that caters to various budgets. With a cost of living generally lower than major Spanish cities and an array of affordable dining options, you can experience the allure of this charming coastal town without breaking the bank.

Whether you choose to call it home or embark on a memorable vacation, Mojácar warmly welcomes you with its unique blend of Spanish hospitality and Mediterranean charm.


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