Cortijo Grande: A Video Blast From The 1970’s (With The Airfield In USE!)

For those of you that have lived in the area for a while, you will have heard of Cortijo Grande which is around 15 minutes away from Mojácar. Most notably, you will have at some point heard of the abandoned airfield and wondered about it’s past.

Well, lucky for us, there’s a 22 minute long documentary on Youtube which goes into vast details about living in Cortijo Grande in the 1970’s. It’s an extremely interesting watch for those of you that have been through there before.

What’s extremely interesting is seeing the airfield actually in use!!

Here’s The Video

Youtube link if you can’t watch below:

Video Summary:

This unique and hidden gem boasts natural beauty and has become one of the most unusual and tranquil residential estates in the region.

Located a few kilometers inland from the bustling Costa del Sol, Almería’s Cortijo Grande offers a haven, sheltered from the pressures of overpopulation.

Despite having one of the lowest rainfall rates in the Mediterranean, the region contains oases like Cortijo Grande, where lush golf courses and verdant landscapes create a year-round temperate climate.

The estate, covering more than 2,000 acres and surrounded by 100,000 acres of land open for exploration, showcases the balance of maintaining nature while providing modern amenities. The ancient farm buildings, preserved for centuries, house modern offices, shops, restaurants, and apartments.

What sets Cortijo Grande apart from other developments is the attention to maintaining the natural environment. Nearly 200 homes are spread across the valley, yet it still appears as vast countryside.

Building is done with strict regard to maintaining the landscape and the views, ensuring a harmonious blend with the surroundings.

The proximity of Almería to cities like Granada and Alicante, along with the new air taxi service, makes this estate accessible yet isolated. Residents, many of whom make Cortijo Grande their permanent home, can indulge in various activities from horse riding to exploring caves that evidence Neolithic settlements.

The region’s rich history is ever-present, with ruins of mosques and ancient Moorish architecture interspersed with modern-day amenities. The golf course, built to international championship standards, invites both amateurs and professionals to enjoy its scenic surroundings filled with over 6,000 orange trees.

Besides golf, the estate offers other leisure activities, like clay shooting, and features like a swimming pool and supermarket. The valley also maintains a connection to its farming past, with preserved olive presses and wine-making equipment.

With building costs lower than other parts of the Spanish coast and high standards of workmanship, Cortijo Grande offers options for custom-built homes, terrace villas, and apartments. The management’s thoughtful planning ensures a blend of old and new, privacy without isolation.

Whether exploring the vibrant nearby towns or indulging in the tranquility of the area, residents have a variety of experiences at their disposal.

Even the airstrip, offering an air taxi service or flying lessons, is designed to be unobtrusive.

Current Photos Of The Airstrip


  • David Ward
    August 12, 2023 at 6:02 pm

    What a shame that something happened, whatever it was, to spoil those brilliant ideas and to lose us the airport facilities, some of the restaurant/bar facilities etc, etc.

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