Nearest Airports To Mojacar: Your 3 Best Choices, Journey Times & Travel Options

Planning a trip here and wondering which is the nearest airport to Mojácar?

Well, realistically you have 3 different airports to choose from, and various methods of transport, with some much easier and cheaper than others.

What Is The Nearest Airport to Mojácar?

The nearest airport to Mojácar is Almería Airport. Almería is a 50-minute drive from Mojácar, there are taxis out the front and a regular airport shuttle bus that services most flights.

If Almeria is not suitable for you, your next best options are Murcia which is around one and a half hours, and Alicante, which is the furthest local airport at around 2 hours and 20 minutes drive away.

Almeria Airport

The front view of Almería Airport, with 'AEROPUERTO DE ALMERIA' in raised letters on the facade and a black galleon silhouette below it. Spanish flags fly above, and passengers are visible at the entrance.

Located just 90 kilometers southeast of Mojacar, Almeria Airport (LEI) is by far the closest & nearest airport to Mojacar. Almeria Airport is around a 50-minute drive to Mojácar, with rarely (if ever) any traffic jams or hold-ups on the motorway.

It’s just one boring motorway the entire way, the A-7, so it is an extremely easy drive with minimal traffic, no toll roads, and no busy roundabouts.

Additionally, this airport tends to be less crowded than Murcia & certainly Alicante, resulting in shorter queues and quicker baggage claims. The disadvantage to keep in mind is that the choice of airlines and flight routes is slightly limited compared to larger airports.

Typically in the height of the summer season, there are 3-4+ flights a day landing at Almeria airport from various UK airports, including Gatwick (the main one), Stanstead, Manchester, London Luton & various other airports across the UK.

With various domestic and international flights, Almeria Airport provides good connectivity to most major European cities.

Travel Options From Almeria Airport To Mojacar

There are 5 ways you can get from Almeria Airport to Mojácar, varying in cost, travel time, and convenience. I’ll do my best to outline them below so you can choose which suits your needs best.

Get The Shuttle Bus (BEST OPTION)

A rotating banner advert for Exclusive Airport Shuttles from Almeria airport

There is a very good and reliable shuttle service from Almería airport to Mojácar that is English owned and run.

Pricewise it’s an extremely cost-effective option and one of the most popular options for getting to Mojácar from Almería airport. Costing around €20 per person each way via Exclusive Airport Shuttles. They are extremely trusted, and reliable and are used by most locals as it’s cheaper than driving with parking.


Exclusive airport shuttles are also able to provide a private hire taxi for around €120 which can fit up to 4 people, just get in touch with their team.

Renting A Car At The Airport

Obviously, this is what most people will do if they’ve never been here before, it’s the easiest option when booking flights and if you need transport whilst on holiday it’s nice to know you have a car waiting for you upon arrival.

But… it’s often not the cheapest or best route. Almería car hire companies can take hours to queue up for after landing. I’ve personally known people who are still stood in line after I’ve already arrived back in Mojácar.

Not only that, they are all larger companies so you have endless paperwork to sign, check the car, and credit card deposits .etc .etc.

Use A Mojacar-based Car Rental Company with Airport Pickups Included (RECOMMENDED)

There are a few very well-known and trusted local car hire companies in Mojácar that provide competitive prices and a MUCH MORE personal service and can include airport pickups. They are:

Book A Taxi

Using a regular metered taxi from outside the airport will likely cost in excess of €100-€120 to get to Mojácar, if not more. Unless you’re in a desperate situation, avoid metered taxis for this journey.

They are perfectly friendly and not out to rip you off, but the reality is a 90-mile journey in a taxi is expensive.

Have a Friend or Family Member Pick You Up

Of course, if you have friends or family already here then having them collect you is the easiest option. It’s a 45-minute drive each way and will cost around €10 in fuel each way. If you do get picked up, consider offering them €20-30 to cover all their fuel for the trip and a beer, most people will be happy that this covers their costs.

That doesn’t include the fuel costs for taking you back to the airport so keep that in mind.

Murcia Airport

Exterior view of Murcia Airport with a modern, minimalist design featuring a long, horizontal building with vertical metal slats. Cars are parked in front, in the pick-up and drop-off area.

Situated around 150 kilometers northeast of Mojácar, Murcia Airport (RMU), also known as Murcia-Corvera Airport, is another viable option for your trip.

Although it is located slightly farther away than Almeria Airport, it offers a range of flights from various European destinations.

Murcia Airport provides excellent connectivity with low-cost carriers and charter flights, making it a budget-friendly choice for many travelers. While the transfer time may be slightly longer, the availability of affordable flights and potential cost savings on airfare could offset this inconvenience.

Driving from Murcia takes around one and a half hours. As with above, there is also the option of the shuttle bus, taxis or getting picked up by family or friends.
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Alicante Airport

Twilight view of Alicante Airport's front exterior, showcasing its unique wavy, shell-like roofing structure over a glass facade. The area is well-lit with street lamps and the airport appears busy with vehicles and travelers.

Alicante Airport (ALC), situated approximately 200 kilometers northwest of Mojácar, is the furthest option among the three airports. Despite the greater distance, Alicante Airport is one of the busiest airports in Spain, offering numerous domestic and international flights.

Choosing Alicante Airport grants you access to a broader range of airlines and flight options. It is especially advantageous if you are traveling from a city with limited direct flights to Almeria or Murcia.

Although the transfer time to Mojácar may be longer, the airport’s extensive facilities, including car rental services and public transportation links, make it a popular choice for many travelers.

Once again, there is a limited shuttle service from Alicante to Mojácar which is affordable, but I would certainly avoid getting a taxi as it could be in excess of £400.
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To Sum Up

When deciding on the airport to fly to to get to Mojácar, consider your priorities: proximity, flight options, and budget.

Almeria Airport offers the shortest distance by far, Murcia Airport provides budget-friendly options, while Alicante Airport offers a wider range of flights.

Choose the airport that aligns best with your preferences and embark on an unforgettable journey to Mojácar! See you soon 🙂


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