Mojácar Town Hall Dives Deeper Down The Walt Disney Rabbit Hole

Once again, the Mojácar town hall are aiming high and doing their best to attract tourists with the Walt Disney name association.

This month, they’ve finished the second huge mural of Mickey Mouse in Mojácar pueblo, welcoming visitors to what they consider, the birthplace of Walt Disney.

Whilst the mural is certainly an attraction, by their own admission the Mojácar Walt Was Here Association is still actively investigating the much-debated legend of Walt Disney’s birthplace. But… for now, as this body of evidence is being compiled, the town of Mojácar appears fully committed to paying tribute to the magic and allure of Disney’s characters and their creator.

Though the association’s research is ongoing, one thing is clear: Mojácar is fully embracing its ‘possible’ historic connection to Walt Disney.

The Official Press Release from

On the 16th of October, one of the best-known characters from the genius of animation in the whole world, Walt Disney, will celebrate a century since he appeared for the first time on cinema screens.
The work of graffiti artist Nauní, the creator of the other mural on the Mojácar school, Mickey is on the façade of the municipal library and with his characteristic gesture of an international star, he welcomes all the visitors going up to Mojácar old town.

The Mojácar Walt Was Here Association, created to highlight the importance of the legend about the birth of Disney in Mojácar, together with Mojácar Council, has made it possible, and it is among the actions that both the association and the local authority plan to carry out this year

Among the Council’s next actions are naming a square “Walt Disney Plaza”, which would be complemented with decoration and significant elements related to the legend, as well as a series of streets that will make up an official route, with surprises and allegorical motifs on which residents will be able to collaborate. An attraction for families and a complement to the much-in-demand traditional historical routes through the village’s old town.

For its part, the Walt Was Here Association is planning to hold on the 16th, the date of the anniversary, a story time in the library for the school’s pupils, in which Mickey Mouse would be present.

On the 25th of November, there will also be celebrated the second edition of the children’s festivity in honour of Disney and his characters, which was a resounding success last year.
Just over a year since its creation, the association continues with its work of investigation and compiling proof in its bid to confirm the Mojácar origin of Walt Disney.

Nobody in Mojácar has given up on this possibility, and for now, Mojácar village pays homage to the magic and the charm of his characters and of their creator.

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