Best Italian Restaurants in Mojacar

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Best Italian Restaurants in Mojácar

If you’re craving an authentic Italian dining experience, Mojácar offers a range of Italian restaurants that promise to transport your taste buds straight to Italy.

Average Cost of an Italian Meal in Mojácar

For those looking to indulge in authentic Italian dishes, there are several Italian restaurants in the town that cater to different budgets.

On average, the cost for an Italian meal in Mojácar will range from €10-€15 for a pizza, up to €30 per person if you want a 3-course meal.

It’s also worth noting that as with all Italian restaurants, they will charge higher prices for gourmet dishes and fine wines.

It’s a good idea to check the menu prices on our listings (if we have them) before you head out for your meal if you’re on a budget 🙂

With that said, here’s a closer look at some of the best Italian restaurants on Mojácar Playa and in Mojácar pueblo.

Sottocasa Pizzeria & Italian

A picture of a beautifully cooked authentic Italian pizza at Sottocasa

Sottocasa Pizzeria stands out as a beacon of Italian culinary excellence in Mojácar.

With its stunning sea views, this restaurant offers a genuine taste of Italy with a Mediterranean twist.

Signature Dish: Their half-metre and metre-long pizzas have become a crowd favourite.

Menu Highlights: Delight in a range of Italian dishes, from vibrant antipasti to rich pasta dishes that echo Italy’s culinary traditions.

Ambiance: The terrace, boasting relaxing sea views, provides a great setting for any dining occasion, be it a romantic evening or a celebration with friends.

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In Viaggio Pizza (Camping El Quinto)

A picture of the In Viaggio Italian pizza van

In Viaggio Pizza offers a unique twist to the traditional Italian dining experience.

This mobile pizzeria, located between Turre & Mojácar in the El Quinto campsite, brings the essence of Italy on wheels, and does it with style.

Signature Dish: Handcrafted pizzas made with the finest ingredients.

Menu Highlights: From the classic Margherita to the cheese-rich Quattro Formaggi, there’s a pizza for every palate.

Ambiance: A warm and inviting outdoor setting with friendly staff ready to serve up smiles alongside slices.

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Imperial Playa Mojácar

A picture of Imperial Playa Mojacar Italian terrace just after sunset

Imperial Playa Mojácar is a testament to the art of blending traditional Italian techniques with contemporary trends.

Located right on the Mediterranean sea front, it’s considered the go-to spot for the best pizzas and pastas in Mojácar.

During the out of season months, you can looking forward to half price pizzas during peak hours every day of the week (we’ll update their listing when this becomes available).

Signature Dish: Dive into their mouthwatering lasagna or the classic pasta carbonara.

Menu Highlights: A diverse menu that caters to both traditional Italian food lovers and those looking for a modern twist.

Ambiance: A spacious terrace overlooking the sea, ensuring a dining experience that’s both delicious and visually captivating.

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