How Many Brits Live in Mojácar? Here Are The Numbers

As someone who calls Mojacar home for nearly 20 years, I’ve often found myself in the diverse company of locals and expats alike.

One particular community that stands out due to their significant presence is the British community. So, how many Brits live in Mojacar?

The British Presence in Mojacar

While exact numbers vary, it’s estimated that roughly a third of Mojacar’s population is British, that means there are around 2,000 Brits living here, according to recent census data. This blend of cultures, I believe, adds an intriguing layer to Mojacar’s character.

The Appeal of Mojacar for Brits

Why have so many Brits chosen Mojacar as their home you might wonder? Our sunny town offers more than just an excellent climate and stunning beaches. The lower cost of living compared to the UK, the relaxed lifestyle, and the friendly community make Mojacar an attractive choice.

Moreover, Mojacar offers a balance of traditional Spanish culture and familiar British comforts, which makes the transition easier for many Brits.

Connecting with the British Community

With such a size-able British community, there are many local bars & restaurants, shop and social groups cater to the British population. British businesses around town help Brits feel at home while providing opportunities to mingle with locals and other expats.


With a strong British presence, Mojacar truly embodies a blend of cultures. It’s fascinating to see how locals and expats live side by side, enriching the town with their distinct flavours. For Brits considering a move or locals looking to connect with the British community, Mojacar indeed offers a welcoming embrace.


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